Road Markers

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Road Markers

We also supply road marking equipment and materials such as Raised Reflective Pavement Marker’s (RRPM’s), Temporary RPMs Cat Eyes and more.

Retroreflective Raised Pavement Markers (RRPM)

DPI AUMAX™ RRPM are quality markers that have a unique design which makes them brighter, tougher, stick better, last longer than the average marker and have been manufactured to meet Australian Standard AS1906.3.


  • Specially strengthen optical chromed lens providing optimal retro reflection of light.
  • An outer shell that is made with high impact ABS material for high strength and impact & wear resistance.
  • RRPM is filled with a special sand and epoxy resin giving impact resistance and compressive strength.
  • The epoxy sand base eliminates air bubbles and is bitumen compatible.
  • RRPM base has no bottom joints therefore, waterproof and harder to fall apart. This makes the RRPM stay in place for longer.

Available in a range of standard colours and reflector combinations: red, white, yellow, blue and green; in either reflecting – one and two-way.

1 way red, yellow, white

2 way yellow, white

Temporary Raised Pavement Marker (TRPM)

Temporary Road Pavement Markers, also known as stick ‘n’ stomps, are a great short-term solution to mark asphalt and pavements before permanent line marking takes place. They provide a way to delineate lanes and edges before the permanent longitudinal line marking process takes place.

  • Dimensions: 100 mm long x 50 mm high x 25 mm wide
  • Double sided Class 1A Reflective
  • Clear cover for reflective protection

Available in all white, all yellow, all blue, red (reflective strip) and white plastic and red/white strip on both side.


Adhesive Blocks
  • Evergrip Bituminous Marker Adhesive is a hot melt bituminous adhesive used to permanently bond pavement markers to road surfaces.

Available in blocks and pads .


Sold in full pallets (1T) of 40 x 25kg boxes per pallet.


Pad size 100mm x 75mm or 200 pads per box.

Glass Road Stud

Glass Road Stud is made from transparent glass and has a smooth surface. This helps reduce the accumulation of road debris/dirt. It is impact and abrasion resistant. 

Available in white and yellow. 

Glass Road Stud