Dura Products Industries Specialises in manufacturing and supplying thermoplastic road markings and road products.
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A Company With High Standard Quality Road Marking Products

Dura Products Industries Pty Ltd, incorporated in 1991, is one of the founders of Thermoplastic in Australia. To achieve high standard quality, DPI Pty Ltd has continuously developed and improved road and line marking products over 30 years with our valued customers.

Our Products

DPI Specialises in producing consistently high quality Hot-Melt thermoplastic conforming to Australia Specification AS4049.2/AS4049.4 and we can produce to other specifications required by customers.
What DPI does

Specialises in Thermoplastic Road Marking Material & Raised Pavement Markers.

 DPI specialises in consistently producing high quality Hot-Melt Thermoplastic meeting and exceeding Australian Specification AS4049.2. We are able to produce other formulations to customers’ specifications. Hot-Melt Thermoplastic is a versatile material for road marking.

We Offer the best

Manufactured & Supply of Quality Thermoplastic Road Marking Materials.

We manufacture and supply quality Thermoplastic Road marking materials – Extrusion, Screed, Profile (ATLM) and Preform in different types of grades and various colours as required for all substrates. 


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    Why Choose Us?

    Long Term Durability

    DPI Thermoplastic Provides longer lifetime than standard thermoplastic.

    High Skid Resistance

    Our products prevents slippery surface in dry and wet conditions.

    Environmentally Safe

    Other materials including plastic bags which can be melted with the products.

    High Compatibility

    Our materials provides rapid drying time, roads can be open within minutes after application.