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Primer & Cones

We also supply road marking equipment and materials such as thermoplastic primer and traffic cones.

DPI Thermoplastic Primer

DPI Thermo Primer is specially formulated to promote the adhesion of DPI Thermoplastic pavement marking material to certain substrates/road surfaces. It is supplied in liquid form and is used as an intermediate tacky coat between worn, aged, oxidised bituminous substrate or concrete surfaces and Thermoplastic materials. This product is recommended to be used in the open-air area before the application of Thermoplastic pavement marking materials to the road surface.

Available in 20L drum and 400g spray can.

Primer Drum

20L Drum

Primer Can

400G Can

Traffic Cones

700mm Orange Cones – with Class 1 Reflective Band (Height 700mm x base 360mm square, weight 3kgs, Material is 100% new fluorescent orange PVC, soft plastic, 250mm class 1 reflective band)

Traffic Cones